Required Assets

Miscommunication and time spent hunting down a client’s creatives are two of the biggest drains on bottom lines. Familiarize yourself with our Required Asset technology to reap the benefit of automation!

Step 1:  Go to your Channel Dashboard —> Inventory —> click on Item(s)


Step 2:  Click yourself upon Edit or the nifty title you bestowed upon that particular item.


Step 3:  After filling out the other important tabs, click on Required Assets


Step 4:  Give a hearty click on the big blue button.

You can add in as many required asset classes as you need for each item!


Step 5:  Do you need data, source, or text files for the item? How about a video, photos,
or display ads? Your needs are now commands!
Just drop the drop down low and get to typing.

Pro Tip: Avoid getting annoyed and make sure to save all your work by pressing Done.

Step 6:
  Rinse and Repeat for all of your inventory items.

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