Listing your Media Company on Adistry

You are welcome to opt-in to Adistry’s Advertising Marketplace.

Channel Setup Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Once you are registered and logged in, click “Create A Channel” in the upper right corner of your Adistry Dashboard
  3. From there, enter your business’s basic information (contact info & channel summary: i.e., reach, demographics, mission statement)
  4. Don’t forget to add images or your full press kit to “Downloadables.”


Channel Dashboard Instructions:

(adding payment information and final steps needed for your profile to go live)

  1. Go to “My Channels” and click your desired profile
  2. Once you are brought to your Adistry channel, go to the top left-hand corner and click “Channel Dashboard.”
  3. From there, go to “Payment Account” enter in your tax information including EIN ***this is a crucial step for us to accept payments from advertisers and pay you for any packages bought by advertisers
  4. Once you confirm this basic information, you will get put into the queue for channel approval to go live on our site.
  5. Once you receive approval, make your way back to your Profile and click the Publish button on the right-hand side!


Profile Optimization Tips:

Publisher Profile Example: CCTV and PushMag are excellent examples of optimized profiles.

  • Include simple yet precise descriptions for each advertising product you add to your profile, ie. banner sizes; format assets need to be delivered in, how content will be shared once launched, how many people are expected to be reached, etc.
  • Add your media kit to the “Downloadables” section to give clients access to a full overview of the look/feel of your brand
  • Include any stats on demographics to help clients feel confident that they are purchasing a package that is aligned with the audience they are trying to reach
  • Any case studies you can provide of ad campaigns or content marketing launched that were successful with other clients are encouraged to be shared under “Downloadables” or with Adistry to help us promote your past successes to potential clients



Please email and someone will be happy to walk you through!

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