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If you are not running on WordPress, the easiest way to bring your custom Adistry profile to your website is through Google Tag Manager.
Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get up and running under 2-minutes using GTM.
*Don’t have Google Tag Manager?  Learn how to quickly signup and install this free service on your site HERE.

1.)  Go to the ‘New Tags’ section

2.)  Name your tag (‘Adistry’ works) and click ‘Tag Configuration’


3.)  Scroll down for a hot second and click on ‘Custom HTML’


4.)  Paste in Javascript


5.)  Click on ‘Triggering’ – this is immediately underneath the box that you pasted your Javascript code in.


6.) Select ‘New Trigger’

7.)  Name Your New Trigger and click on the icon
*Pro Tip:  Name your new trigger the page that you are placing your custom Adistry profile on. E.g., Advertise With Us, Sponsor, Engage With Our Audience, etc.

8.)  Select ‘Page View’ 

a.  Click on the ‘Some Page Views’ bubble
Select ‘Page Path’ on the first drop down
Select ‘Equals’ on the second drop down 
ensure that you ONLY type in the dash and end characters of the URL for the page that you are pointing this trigger towards.  E.g., /advertise-with-us
Click Save. 

10.)  You are almost done!  Go back to your workspace and click on ‘Submit’.

11.)  Click on ‘Publish’.  Congrats!  You are finished!

Pro Tip:  Google Tag Manager is a great place to consolidate all of your trackers, chat program, and other apps. Now you know how to add them in, the others will be a breeze!

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