Discount.  Trial Offer.  % Off.
There are numerous names for the same intention, so we settled on Coupon.  Here’s a step-by-step with pictures to show you how to use them for each of your Items.

Step 1:  Mosey your way down to your Channel Dashboard –> Inventory –> Item(s)


Step 2:  Select the Coupons Button


Step 3:  This is important to remember. The COUPON CODE is the code you give to your favorite clients to purchase a particular item at a discount.
It does not have to be alphanumeric. Your code does have to be over six characters long.


Step 4:  Dealers choice.  You can discount each item by Dollars or Percentage.


Step 5:  Next step is muy importante! How much are you discounting this item by?
E.g., shown below is one month free of Adistry’s super slick Partner Program tech. Didn’t get this discount? Well…umm…. this is awkward. Email Meghan. She’ll make it right.


Step 6:   Next step is to specify if this Coupon/Discount/Offer is for one client or many.


Step 7:  Can the client using the discount order more than one of these items at a time? If so, put in a higher limit per order. If it is only one, enter one.


Step 8:  The calendar function allows you to set a stop date so that you don’t have to remember to update your specific items coupon.


Step 9:  One more step to victory!

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