Campaign Manager Overview

Adistry has built a technology that we dubbed the headache destroyer.

Our campaign manager is your central location to manage all of your campaign assets and communication in one place! It streamlines your interactions on our platform, saving you time, headaches, and allowing you to get back to what you do best – running a great business.

Asset Validation

One of the most time-consuming aspects of any advertising campaign is exchanging the correct assets. Incorrectly sized images, videos that are a little too long for the ad slot, receiving a bitmap image instead of a vector image, the list goes on, and asset validation is an advertisers and publishers best friend.

With Adistry’s Campaign Manager, when an advertiser places an order, they are immediately taken to their unique campaign manager where they are prompted to upload any assets that are needed for the campaign.

Once an advertiser uploads an asset, we perform instant validation based on the parameters that the publisher supplied.
E.g.,  If the advertiser tries to upload a 728 x 90 banner ad, instead of the 300 x 250 ad that’s needed, they will get a message informing them that they need to change the asset to fit the requirements.

Dear publisher, are you wondering how to make sure every item in your inventory has the proper required assets attached to it?  Check out our how-to post HERE.

Campaign Communication

Besides exchanging assets, communication can be another cause for confusion when it comes to managing advertising campaigns. Between the dozens of emails to dig through and phone calls with details that were written down somewhere,  getting some campaigns running can quickly become a time suck. 

As always, Adistry has your back. We solve this problem by providing a built in private chat room between the advertiser and publisher for every campaign that runs on Adistry. This is your real-time communication tool that you and your team (click HERE to learn how to add a Collaborator) can use to coordinate the details of your campaign all in one place.

Chat, express yourself   , attach images or videos, pdf documents, excel spreadsheets, or any other relevant documents for your campaign directly into the chat room to share them instantly with the other users in the campaign.

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