What are those buttons in Campaign Manager?

We have created a process to manage every order you receive quickly.

  1. Accept / Decline
    You have 48-hours to decide if you would like to move forward with an order. If you elect to proceed, all you need to do is click ‘Accept.’ If you do not wish to work with the client for any reason, simply click ‘Decline’ and provide a brief explanation.
    * It is imperative that you select Accept or Decline in 48-hours. If you do not, the funds will be immediately returned to the client.
  2. Ready
    90% of the time, a client will immediately upload the required assets (creatives) for the campaign after purchasing. If they do not, please chat them and ask them to do so ASAP. Once you approve the creatives for the campaign, push ‘Ready.’
  3. Complete
    There is no hard rule for when you click “Complete.” The best practice we’ve found is to ensure you have all the materials you need to run the campaign, have connected with the client, given them an estimated completion date, and share that you will be available if they have any questions. There is no need to wait until the last day of the campaign to push the ‘Complete’ button.
    ** Your client is sent an email that says:

    Hi {{ USER_NAME }},

    {{ CHANNEL_NAME }} has indicated that your order with them is nearing completion and are requesting the funds to be released to them.

    Order number: {{ ORDER_NUMBER }}

    We hope you are enjoying working with {{ CHANNEL_NAME }}!  You can keep the good times rolling by reordering today.

    If you believe that {{ CHANNEL_NAME }} will not perform the agreed services, you can dispute the order within 48 hours of it being marked “Complete.”

    Please do not dispute issues like low conversions or other elements that are out of {{ CHANNEL_NAME }}’s control. Only dispute if there was a blatant breach in agreement from the channel.

    Please see the Disputes section on our Terms of Use for more information.

    *** Of the numerous transaction processed on the Adistry platform, we have only ever received one dispute.

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