What is Adistry?

Adistry is an online advertising marketplace and media sales tool built specifically for the Cannabis Industry. We have aggregated the largest collection of marijuana and hemp focused media publishers for cannabis-related businesses to browse, compare, and purchase advertising from.

Start shopping on adistry.com and see what we mean!

Why Should You Use Adistry

When you advertise, you’re investing in your business. Like any investment, you want a high return! The best way to increase your chances of a healthy return on your ad spend (ROAS) in the cannabis industry is by knowing exactly where and what you are purchasing!

What Makes Adistry Different?

We are the only cannabis advertising marketplace on the internet. Unlike ad networks that don’t give you any information about where they are showing your ads, Adistry gives you all the information about a particular media publisher right up front, so you can make the best decisions about where to spend your advertising dollars.

Learn more about us HERE.

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