Add Team Members To A Campaign and Other Sections of Your Channel

Learn how to add your co-workers quickly to a campaign or any other section of your channel.

Step 1:   Make your way to Channel’s Dashboard

Step 2:  Go to your Campaigns tab and click on the blue Members Icon

Step 3:  A popup will appear showing you who is already added to the campaign and how you can add additional team members. Click on Go to Channel Members

Step 4:  As you become even more thrilled at the prospects available to you, powerfully click upon the Add Member button

Step 5:  As the all-powerful Admin of your channel, add your extraordinary team member to your campaign and any other section of your channel by just typing in their email address (they’ll receive an evite through in their inbox immediately) and clicking on the checkbox of each section that they need access to.

Step 6:  Execute a fantastic campaign for the customer because that is what you do!

Pro Tip:  You can shortcut your way to the Add Members section by simply going to your Dashboard –> Members tab

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