Publishing Your Inventory

We have built the inventory section so that you can pause, delete, or display all of your inventory. Here are the places you must click to publicly display your available inventory. Step 1:  In order to display the item(s) in a Category, please go to your Dashboard –> Inventory tab […]

Character Limit Error

If you are adding information to your media channel’s profile and hit an error that rudely says you are over the character limit, but you indeed are not, it is because you have run into a formatting error. Sometimes when you copy and paste something from another document, a bit of […]

Subscription Settings

We’ve made it simple for you to update your subscription details on Adistry by keeping them all in one place. 1.)  Log in to your account and make your way to your channel’s dashboard. 2.)  Click on the Partner Program tab on the left-hand column. 3.)  From here, you can […]

Integration – WordPress Plugin

With the Adistry WordPress Plugin, you can easily display your Adistry Profile anywhere on your WordPress website using shortcodes. Download the Adistry WordPress Plugin on To install the plugin, follow these instructions: 1. Download and unzip the `adistry-profile-widget` plugin 2. Copy the `adistry-profile-widget/` directory into the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory 3. […]

Integration – Google Tag Manager

If you are not running on WordPress, the easiest way to bring your custom Adistry profile to your website is through Google Tag Manager. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get up and running under 2-minutes using GTM. *Don’t have Google Tag Manager?  Learn how to […]

48-hour Accept or Decline

Banks set their own time frame for holding funds. The 48-hour accept or decline rule is in place to ensure that you have enough time to learn who the advertiser is and accept or decline their order without having to worry about paying the transaction fee for a refund. It […]