Campaign Manager Overview

Adistry has built a technology that we dubbed the headache destroyer. Our campaign manager is your central location to manage all of your campaign assets and communication in one place! It streamlines your interactions on our platform, saving you time, headaches, and allowing you to get back to what you do […]

How does Adistry keep my information safe?

Your privacy and security are our top priority. Every interaction with our platform is secured using a 128bit SSL encrypted connection. We also automatically encrypt all personal information using the most secure encryption methods available before we store it in our system. We never store your credit card information on […]

How much does advertising cost?

Adistry has no minimums. Each of our media partners decides how much each of their advertising opportunities costs. After which, they place this information on their Inventory section with additional in-depth details about what you will receive with your purchase. Pro Tip:  Most of the media publishers include what required […]

What is an Advertising Campaign?

An Advertising Campaign is a purchase agreement between the brand/agency and the media company/event. It may be the sponsored article or the title sponsorship you ordered. Click here to view a 3-minute video for more information about your Campaign Manager settings and instructions.

What is the Adistry Partner Program?

Through years of experience, our team has found that when a media company shortens their sales cycle by educating their clients immediately when they are considering placing their advertising dollars, sales increase substantially. From our real-time inventory manager, fully customizable graphs and content, every piece of Adistry’s Partner Program is built […]

Installing the Partner Program Widget on your Website

We strongly recommend using the free Google Tag Manager to implement your custom profile. Step 1:  Copy your HTML code from your profile. This snippet of code is found under Channel Dashboard –> Partner Program –> HTML Markup Step 2:  Paste your code on the page that you want your […]

Find the Right Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

Every company is unique. Every media publisher is unique. Adistry helps you discover and purchase advertising that is the right fit and within your budget. You can use our marketplace entirely on your own and in your pajama’s. You are also welcome to Contact Us if you would like to speak to […]

What is Adistry?

Adistry is an online advertising marketplace and media sales tool built specifically for the Cannabis Industry. We have aggregated the largest collection of marijuana and hemp focused media publishers for cannabis-related businesses to browse, compare, and purchase advertising from. Start shopping on and see what we mean! Why Should You […]

Listing your Media Company on Adistry

You are welcome to opt-in to Adistry’s Advertising Marketplace. Channel Setup Instructions: Go to Once you are registered and logged in, click “Create A Channel” in the upper right corner of your Adistry Dashboard From there, enter your business’s basic information (contact info & channel summary: i.e., reach, demographics, […]